Kate Upton is Sports Illustrated: Swim Edition's cover girl for the second year in a row. That cover is awkward as shit, but Kate Upton probably froze her ass lips off and suffered from frost bite of the nipples while making it so she deserves it. Oh, and chichiiiiiiiiiiiiiis - ONTD

Jennifer Lawrence is giving us the new money Carmen Sandiego - Lainey Gossip 

Dubya is a regular Bob Ross - Towleroad

What Hermione Granger really meant to say is, "Let a young ho, be a young ho" - Celebitchy

If the ground feels kind of cold today, that's because hell froze over after Kelly Brook wore outside - Hollywood Tuna 

My guess is that the Justice League script was put in the shredder because there wasn't an airborne 69 scene between Superman and Batman - The Superficial 

David Beckham's rumored side piece is in a bikini - Drunken Stepfather

I want to serve scones and tea on #28's extra large nipple plate - The Berry 

John Mayer tells us something we already knew - ICYDK

The Spring Breakers posters look like fliers for a Florida beach rave in the late 80s - Popoholic

Bruce Willis knows that the title of his movie sounds more like the title for a Dr. Kevorkian biopic - IDLYITW

Things that make sense: James Franco is the Mayor of Gay Town - OMG Blog

Things that don't make sense: Brett Ratner is producing a Farmville TV show - Videogum

Gisele Bundchen's daughter, who will probably be a VS Angel class of 2033, makes her Facebook debut - Just Jared

Nicole Richie is dressed like the villainous cosmetics magnate from a 1990s comedy movie starring Christine Applegate - Popsugar

In the last surprising news of the day, Rex Reed called Melissa McCarthy a hippo in a movie review - Gawker

Is Martha Stewart giving Blake NotSoLively styling tips too? - Moe Jackson

Natalie Portman SANS FARDS - Cityrag

You can tell that Al Roker was feeling it something passionate, because I'm pretty sure he sharted at the end - SOW

Lou Ferrigno is no Pastor Bell - The Frisky 

I almost didn't recognize Aubrey O'Day with her nipples covered - I'm Not Obsessed

Source: Dlisted - Be Very Afraid