What I'm taking away from this picture is that Tom Daley wants to crawl into your chimney. You must provide the milk and cookies-scented lube. - Towleroad

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is at home, fapping on top of a Glitter poster - Lainey Gossip 

If I was friends with Amanda Seyfried on Facebook, I'd unfriend her for saying that she's a fan of underwear. Panties are out, showing your muff fluff in public is in! - The Superficial 

When Amanda Bynes isn't talking to the hangers in dressing rooms for hours, she's putting her tits on Instagram - Hollywood Tuna 

Thank you, Julianne Hough, but I don't want to know where you put that finger (SPOILER ALERT: Seacrest butt) - Drunken Stepfather

Yes, what we really need this Friday is a big plate of nipples with a side of dick bush - The Berry 

Anne Hathaway was probably pissed that the studio didn't buy her a star too - Celebitchy

Sad Justin Bieber is sad about not getting a Grammy nomination - Just Jared 

Jared Leto or a middle-aged lesbian English teacher who is obsessed with goth poetry? - ICYDK

Not pictured: Dozens of people throwing boxes of brown hair dye at Rose McGowan - Popoholic

Russell Crowe is not slapping his peen on Billy Joel's leftovers - I'm Not Obsessed

Patti Smith and Kristen Stewart look like a before and after meth poster (KStew being the after) - Popsugar

Every Kardashian should be obligated to wear one of these at all of their weddings - OMG Blog 

Madame Tussauds can easily make a Justin Theroux wax statue by putting their Eddie Munster wax statue on stilts. Voila! - Videogum

And this is how the sequel to Black Swan starts - The Frisky 

Detective La Toya's Sno-Balls jacket is obviously her way of paying homage to Hostess - Crunk + Disorderly

This Pomeranian sneezes silly - Cityrag

The Porn Iguana, her pimp mom and her creepy husband found a new victim - Hollywood Rag

Source: Dlisted - Be Very Afraid