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iPhone 7 could have tap-to-pay feature for Japan’s subways

Since the feature would also require being able to store virtual transit cards to the Wallet application, Apple is reportedly in the midst of…

De La Soul releases crowdfunded ‘and the Anonymous Nobody’ album

Like many Kickstarter ( projects, the new De La Soul album took a lot longer to arrive than promised, but…

CBS All Access hits Xbox One

CBS All Access is similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime in that it offers thousands of on-demand episodes from the network’s old and new shows,…

US Navy vessel fires warning shots at Iran boat

* 25 August 2016
* From the section Middle East (


Bolivia minister ‘killed by protesting miners’

* 26 August 2016
* From the section Latin America & Caribbean (


Samsung’s Dolby Atmos soundbars are ready for your living room

After announcing a pair of Dolby Atmos-equipped soundbars ( at CES, Samsung is…

Ubisoft delays ‘The Division’ DLC to fix the base game

In a blog post (, Ubisoft presented a…

Night Crumbs

You may have heard the completely real story about how Mimi’s fiancé tried to get her into the mood for fuck times by playing Beyonce’s Crazy In Love on his laptop and she got so mad that threw it out the window. That story would have been totally believable if the source said that Mimi summoned […]

Researchers are building a robotic Lionfish exterminator

Creating a robot to exterminate a specific species sounds a bit harsh, but it’s an environmental issue: the Lionfish population in question isn’t…

Bitch Got Charged: The Ryan Lochte Edition

CNN says that Brazilian authorities have officially charged Ryan Lochte with falsifying a police report, or as he probably calls it “over-exaggerating my tantics, bro.” Ryan’s partners in lie-telling all settled things with the cops in Rio. Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger were allowed to fly back to the U.S. after they talked with the […]


Italy quake: Emergency declared as hopes for more survivors fade

* 26 August 2016
* From the section Europe (


The Department of Defense needs help designing a biohazard suit

The Chembio Suit Challenge ( is being held by the Chemical and Biological Defense division within the US military, and…

Britney Spears Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Lifetime’s Biopic About Her

There was much rejoicing yesterday after it was announced that the next legend to get Lifetime’s sloppy budget biopic treatment was Miss Britney Jean Spears. I was so happy, I ran to the corner store and christened the great news with a bottle of Tim Horton’s Iced Capp (they were all out of bottled Starbucks […]

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The CAPTION THIS Contest For August 25th!

Pic: Break

Adventure Pals Preview: An Adorable Hack ?n Slash Kickstarter Title

Massive Monster has released a short demo for its upcoming game, Adventure Pals, which has just achieved its funding goal of £21,450 on…


DJI’s new Osmo+ camera adds a zoom lens

The Osmo+ camera (known as the Zenmuse X3) is outfitted with a 3.5x zoom lens and pairs that with a lossless 2x digital zoom for an effective focal…

Frances Bean Cobain’s Estranged Husband Wants $300,000 A Year In Spousal Support

Yeah, it’s apparently Gold Digger Day on Dlisted. But isn’t it always, really? Frances Bean Cobain’s husband of 21 months Isaiah Silva, seen above looking like he mutters about “Helter Skelter” a lot, is already trying to keep a guitar that belonged to her dad Kurt Cobain, and now he’s put his gear in full […]

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stepLINKS of the Day

When an Old lady big tits….knows you’re staring at her big tits, because she’s showing them off in her dress…probably because she just bought them…making it less offensive for someone like you who hates old ladies…comes up and tells you she isn’t wearing panties….ask her to kindly prove it…or even accept the invitation…but don’t ask […]

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Snapchat brings live score filters to high school football

The high school filters work more or less exaclty like the live score filters for NBA and professional sports that Snapchat debuted earlier this year…

Google’s Fiber rollout isn’t going as planned

The Information’s report cites low subscriber numbers, as well as some disputes between Page and Fiber CEO Craig Barratt as the main reasons for the…

Universal Music Group is reportedly done with streaming exclusives

This report comes after Ocean released his visual album (…

Brazil court summons Lochte to give evidence over robbery claim

* 25 August 2016
* From the section Latin America & Caribbean (


The co-creator of ‘Rick and Morty’ just founded a VR studio

Roiland is new to the world of gaming, but he’s not exactly a novice. He’s already helped Adult Swim make one Rick and Morty game…

Leslie Jones’ Hacking Situation Is Being Investigated By Homeland Security

Yesterday a living skid mark (or living skid marks) had hacked Leslie Jones’ personal website and released a bunch of her personal information, as well as some racism. Shortly after it happened, I swung by Twitter and noticed two things. One, that the hashtag “#IStandWithLeslie” was trending. And two, that a lot of people were scratching their heads and […]

Greatest Video Game Composers: Hitoshi Sakimoto

In general, the best video game composers of all time have established their own unique and personal styles of music over the course of lengthy…